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Celebrating the land, resources, people and history of Lānaʻi.

Special arrangements for group visits can be made by contacting us.  

Staff: Shelly Kaleialoha Preza, Program Manager & Interpreter

Lānaʻi Culture & Heritage Center

730 Lanai Avenue, Lanai City, Hawaii 96763, United States

(808) 565-7177


We are open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.  Special arrangements for group visits can be made by contacting us.   

We are closed on certain Holidays.



The Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center in Lāna‘i City was  established in 2007, and is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit  charitable organization. Our programs seek to inspire people to be  informed, thoughtful and active stewards of Lāna‘i's legacy  landscape by preserving, interpreting and celebrating its natural  history, Hawaiian traditions, diverse heritage and cultures, and  ranching and plantation era histories.

We are located at 730 Lāna‘i Ave. (at the top of Dole Park). In the Old Dole Administration Building, Suite 118.

Admission is Free. Donations are greatly appreciated.


Monday - Friday — 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Saturday — Closed
Sunday — Closed 

Special arrangements for group visits can be made by email: or call (808) 565-7177.


September 2, 2019 - Labor Day

November 28, 2019 — Thanksgiving - Closed
December 25, 2019  — Christmas - Closed

January 1, 2020 — New Years - Closed


  • Pamela Mae Pili Alconcel
  • Dean Del Rosario
  • Martha Haia Evans
  • Michele Holsomback
  • Harrilynn Kame'enui
  • John Mumford
  • Warren Osako
  • Diane Preza
  • Trisha Kehaulani Watson


Kepā Maly  


Thank you to our many volunteers who have helped us through the years. Mahalo nui!

  • Pamela Mae Pili Alconcel (Board of Directors)
  • Butch Au
  • Max Becker
  • Sheila Black
  • Naupaka Borders
  • Alan Calhoun
  • Serenity Chambers
  • Irene Cockett Perry
  • Beth Conroy-Humphrey
  • Andrew de la Cruz
  • Joan de la Cruz
  • Zane de la Cruz
  • Debbie Dela Cruz
  • Dean Del Rosario (Board of Directors)
  • Michele Fujie
  • Katrina Gilespie
  • Lisa Grove
  • Martha Haia Evans (Board of Directors)
  • Michele Holsomback (Board of Directors
  • Zachary Anguay Holsomback
  • Jasmine Humphrey
  • Keona Humphrey
  • Kevin Humphrey
  • Bruce Kaaikala
  • Makamae Kadaoka
  • Makana Kadaoka
  •  Harrilynn Kame'enui  (Board of Directors)
  • Robin Kaye
  • Sally Kaye
  • Zelda Keller
  • Kawena Maly
  • Kepā  Maly
  • Onaona Pomroy Maly
  • Colbert Matsumoto (Board Advisor)
  • Genji & Toshiko Miyamoto
  • Stacy Miyamoto
  • Albert Halape Morita
  • John Mumford (Board of Directors)
  • Susan Osako
  • Warren Osako (Board of Directors) 
  • Anthony Kaauamo Pacheco
  • Pat Palumbo 
  • Moana Perry Freitas
  • ​Momi Perry Suzuki
  • Gabby Shin
  • Hope Shin
  • ​Sam "Koa" Shin
  • Donna Schaumburg
  • John Schaumburg 
  • ​Gary Suzuki​
  • ​Rosanna Vierra
  • Trisha Kehaulani Watson-Sproat (Board of Directors)
  • ​Debra Wheeler

And many others from Lāna‘i and afar, who have come together to assist in resource stewardship projects on Lāna‘i.

Mahalo nui!

​"I ka lōkāhi kākou ola ai!"​
​(Our well-being is in our unity!)​


Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center Volunteer Opportunities


Have you been wondering what to do with some of your free time?

Exploring Lāna‘i’s history and sharing it with students,  island residents and visitors is a rewarding way to use some of your  spare time. We are looking for people that enjoy talking story and  sharing the special history of our island home. Volunteering is a great  way to make new friends. If you would like to learn more about how to  share your time and love of Lānai with visitors to the Lāna‘i Culture  & Heritage Center please contact us.

Docent volunteer opportunities include:

  • Greeting guests and introducing them to exhibits and displays
  • Answering questions on how to learn more about Lāna‘i’s history
  • Sharing your personal experiences on Lāna‘i
  • Helping guests plan safe and informative visits to some of Lāna‘i’s storied places
  • Indexing, cataloguing and conserving historical collections
  • ​Sales of books, maps and other items made available at the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center

Workshops for docent volunteers will be offered, and scheduling of your volunteer time will be  coordinated at your convenience.

Mahalo nui! We look forward to hearing from you.

The Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center — Honoring the past, enriching the future!