E Ike Hou Ia Lanai — Embracing Lanai's History Through Language and Literacy

This summer the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center (Lanai CHC) is offering a three-week field school in Hawaiian Lifestyles, Archaeology, Marine Biology, Watershed Systems, Stewardship, and Literature. For grades 6-12, June 9 - 27, 2014.

This program is a product of two years of planning and collaboration between community, businesses, and agency partners.

Lanai Summer Program

Approximately 40 students and parents met with the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center/Native Hawaiian Education place-based summer enrichment program instructors to go over the busy three week schedule of activities. June 5, 2014, Kepa Maly photo.

Lanai Hulopoe summer program

Participants in the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center's, part of the E Ike Hou Ia Lanai place based education program spend day 3 at Hulopoe beach with HPU Professor, Brenda Jensen learning about the near shore marine environment, and working on mapping projects. Activities were supported by Pulama Lanai staff and native fisherman, Bruce Kaaikala. June 11, 2014, Kepa Maly photo.

For more information and photos see E Ike Hou Ia Lanai — Embracing Lanai's history through language and history

Mahalo for Joining us at the Read To Me International Feed Me a Story, Literacy Event and Family Dinner

Mahalo Lanai Community for joining us where we celebrated reading aloud with special guest Wally Amos! We enjoyed family activities, and a free dinner.

Lanai Read to Me

Sponsored by Read To Me International, the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center and the Native Hawaiian Education Act Grant. One hundred and thirty-three Lanai residents (infants to grandparents) attended the May 14th program.

Lanai Read to me-2

Family enjoys attending program and taking home a book for each of their children.

Cultural Workshops for Lanai Students and their Ohana

E Ike Hou Ia Lanai. To Know Lanai Once Again Cultural Education Series. Ka Wai Ola A Kane — The Living Waters of Kane. An introduction to the Lanai Hale Watershed, held on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Instructors, David Palumbo, Kepa Maly joined by Pulama Lanai's Culture & Historic Preservation Branch Staff.

Lanai Hale

Discussions with program participants about caring for the aina and sustaining Lanai's water resources. Kaohai, Lanai. Photo, Onaona Maly, April 26, 2014.

A free Workshop for Lanai Students and their Ohana, Grades 6-12 encouraged to attend, younger students must be accompanied by an adult.

Ka Wai Kane, Lanai

Sponsored by the Native Hawaiian Education Act Grant. 

"Kilohana Award — Best of Hawaii, Cultural Experience"

Mahalo to Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier of Jazz Alley TV and the Lanai Film Festival who visited on March 10th to present the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center with the "Kilohana Award — Best of Hawaii, Cultural Experience." In photo below, Ken presents the award to Albert Morita, Board President (photo, Simon Tajiri). 

Lanai Culture Award

This summer, Jazz Alley TV and Four Seasons will be hosting the annual Ukulele Festival with programs at various places in town, including the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center. 

Visit Us At The Lanai Culture & Heritage Center

The Lanai Culture & Heritage Center seeks to inform and cultivate interest and knowledge in the history, folklore, culture, customs and practices of Lanai, and develop programs to help ensure preservation of the island’s unique cultural and natural resources. Our goal is to provide long-time island families, youth, new residents, visitors, business interests and all interested parties with a sense of place and cultural attachment to the unique cultural and natural history of Lanai. By working together, we will foster an environment that will cherish and perpetuate the heritage of Lanai and its people. 

Lanai pineapple visitor

Dirk Farrar of Olympia, Washington returned to share some memorabilia from his first visit to Lanai. In 1974, Dirk planted 10,125 crowns in a day. Forty years later, Dirk was still excited to plant  more crowns and to remember those 8 weeks of hard work. (Photo taken by Simon Tajiri)


Dirk Farrar also shared with us a small flag signed by supervisor Bob Hoe commemorating the achievement. Mahalo for visiting us at the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center. April 4, 2014 (Photo taken by Simon Tajiri.

Lanai Culture & Heritage Center is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. All financial donations are gratefully acknowledged and tax deductible. Support of the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center helps us protect our valued collection of artifacts and historical resources and enables us to pass Lanai’s natural & cultural legacy on to present and future generations.

In the 1980s the families of Lanai envisioned a place where the history of their island home would be collected, where artifacts and historic memorabilia (photos, papers and textiles), and the stories of our island families would be cared for and passed on to future generations. In 2007 the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center (Lanai CHC) was organized in consultation with kupuna (elders) and island residents as a non-profit charitable organization. In 2010 the center opened a climate controlled display and archive center in the historic Dole Plantation Administration Building. This facility serves as a hub connecting people with traditions, history, land, and the material culture of Lanai. In 2013 Lanai CHC serviced  more than 11,000 island residents and visitors. Our work was made possible through the support of community members, island guests, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Agape Foundation, and the US DOE Native Hawaiian Education Act.

Elizabeth Uyetake

Elizabeth Uyetake holds up the Employee Personal Record of her grandfather, Joseph Patrocinio who worked for the Hawaiian Pineapple Company in 1934. Photo by Simon Tajiri.

More than 12,000 records documenting Lanai plantation workers from the 1930s to 1940s have now been input by Lanai Culture & Heritage Center's staff and volunteers. The files will be linked to the web-site soon.

Na Hoaloa Newsletter

A summary of the year’s activities, and acknowledgement of the individuals, organizations, and agencies who made donations in support of Lanai CHC programs may be viewed in our new Na Hoaloha Newsletter and Fundraising Drive Request.

Na Hoaloha December 2013


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